Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, I am here to assist you to make your dream home come true. Although I work with the many facets of design, from creating a color palette to selecting fabric for a sofa or getting the right accent from a light fixture, my passion is to give you the complete room experience–in other words, creating a sequence of elements that work together seamlessly for a cohesive, fully function-able and comfortable space.

Initial Consultation

This is the time we first get together on site to explore our partnership. I am especially interested in becoming acquainted with your vision. I learn about your family and your lifestyle, you let me know your needs, your requirements, your desires, your preferences. We do a slow walk through of the space to evaluate the size of the project. I also make a note of what are the ‘must keep’ items I need to incorporate into your vision. I mostly listen. I gather the crucial information that will help me best understand what is important for you and how I can meet your expectations. For you, it’s to know how I work, what is the process, what tradesmen could be involved, coordination of their work, and what the is the time frame of the project. We may brainstorm design options for your space (I often have some ideas right away), or I may need some time to take everything you shared with me into consideration before the final concept and presentation. I usually conclude our meeting by taking some pictures and measurements.

Room Moodboard

This is the way for me to translate my vision and for you to comprehend my concept. This is a room-element gathering in a digital graphics version that shows you the project concept. You will have a good illustration of the color scheme, some fabric samples, furniture suggestions, accessories, and lighting. Mood boards are very helpful to understand your likes and dislikes and create a conceptual map for our project journey.

Floor and Space Plan

Floor planning can give you a bird’s eye view of your space and help you better understand the use and placement of furniture. I work with you exploring all different scenarios for your space. My aim is the best possible placement of your furniture to enhance your everyday living. I also help you achieve the proper and most advantageous lighting, which includes the right light fixture placement for your best function and enjoyment of your space.

Color & Material Selection

Color is a huge factor in all choices we make in hard and soft surfaces. So I will help you understand the impact that each color makes in your room and how to choose the right color to achieve your desired results. That includes Paint, Faux finishes, Wallpaper, Tile, Textiles, and other specialty materials.

With my many years of experience in the high-end furniture industry, I can help you select the right quality, style, and scale for your furnishings, suiting your everyday needs and budget. Not all beautiful upholstery is made the same. Raised in the textile world, I enjoy tremendously designing every detail of custom upholstery that can suit your family’s needs. I have an innate sense when selecting textures, patterns, and trims and bringing them all together with artistry.

Window Treatments

I will share my knowledge about soft and hard window treatments with you and together we can evaluate what is the best choice for your space. I partner with the best workrooms in Jacksonville. They can translate even the most complicated window treatment design with great success.


Proper flooring selection makes a huge difference in your everyday living. Not all floors meet everybody’s needs. Together we will discover what is most appropriate for your style and everyday living, then select the right material among the huge plethora of choices. That includes Hardwood floors, Tile, Stone, Carpet and Area Rugs.

Remodeling & Project Management

Remodeling is one of the most stressful undertakings of the homeowner. It requires lots of planning and synchronization with many other professionals in the field. This is where you would be needing to make a lot of decisions at once and adapt to the inconvenience attached to the project. Given that most homeowners live in the same space as the remodeling takes place, organization and timing are crucial for the proper outcome. Here I help you make the right decisions to avoid costly mistakes and make the best choices in every stage of the project. As a liaison between the contractor and you, I advocate for you to make sure that all specifications have been met and every aspect of the installation runs smoothly without a hitch.

Accessorize and Home Staging

I started my design career as a visual merchandiser. Selecting accessories, lamps, and art is pure enjoyment for me. When I do staging, I am in my ‘sweet spot’. I am a firm believer that attention to detail makes a room stand out as beautiful and visually pleasant. Many homeowners get intimidated by the idea of selecting the right art and accessories. Others, tend to overdecorate, filling their rooms with too much ‘stuff’. It requires a certain skill and discernment when adding the final touches for your space. I usually spend a lot of time cherry-picking the details that will ‘wow’ your space and will make it feel customized to your tastes.


Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to select the right thing. I will guide you to the industry’s many resources and I can help you have an efficient, productive and successful shopping journey.